Apart from Carrie Bradshaw's surprisingly-large-closet-for-a-one-bedroom-Manhattan-apartment, most small spaces don't come with much room for clothes storage. Traditional dressers and wardrobes tend to be big and bulky, but there are exceptions to the rule. Here are ten modular, wall-mounted, and small-scale designs that could work in a modestly sized bedroom.

  1. CB2: Their Slice Storage Shelf ($150) is a smallish (2-foot-wide) drawer that mounts to the wall. Buy a few and stack them vertically or horizontally to make a space-saving dresser.
  2. Design Within Reach: New to the store, the Brix Modular Storage Collection was designed by Niels Bendtsen. Starting at $330 per unit, it can be built into vertical or horizontal combinations, which can be adjusted when you decide to rearrange your furniture.
  3. Blu Dot: Their Wonderwall 2 Drawer Cabinet ($700) is a smart design that mounts to the wall, freeing up floor space underneath.
  4. IKEA: They have a bunch of inexpensive freestanding wardrobes, including some tall, skinny options that would work in an alcove or at the end of a hall. Shown: Asplund Wardrobe with Two Doors, $179.
  5. Atlas: Their AS 4 Modular Shelving System is wall-mounted, made of solid wood on a steel track, and available in several different finishes, including lacquered white (shown above). Modules are priced per unit and start around $500 per drawer.
  6. Container Store: Their Elfa shelving system includes freestanding and wall-mounted drawers that can be hung inside a closet on a bedroom wall. Shown: White and Platinum Elfa Closet Drawer Combination, $925.
  7. West Elm: Their Narrow-Leg Storage Collection has a few different dresser options, including a tall, slender, 5-drawer unit for $550.
  8. Landscape Products: File this under the "only practical if you live in Japan" category. Available through Japanese shop Chigo, the Tree Cabinet Dresser ($884) stacks on top of itself to create additional vertical storage.
  9. Spacify: Specializing in flexible furniture for small spaces, this store has some cool options from Italian manufacturers. The Secret Designer Nightstand by Rossetto ($715) is a freestanding table that hides a dresser drawer. They recommend it as a nightstand, but it could also work as a coffee or side table in a small apartment.
  10. Switch Modern: This Atlanta shop has a huge selection of innovative modern designs. The Oceano Trunk Cabinet by Andree Putman is astronomically priced at $19,071 but nonetheless awesome. It could feasibly contain your whole wardrobe in one compact trunk.