Bedroom Meditation Spots

Bedroom Meditation Spots

Sarah Coffey
Feb 27, 2008

Do you have a meditation spot in your bedroom? A place where you can sit and read or just think? Our bedroom is too small for much more than a bed and a dresser, but we wish we also had a chair to curl up in. If you have the space, the bedroom is the perfect spot for a chill-out nook. Click below for more.

This bedroom from Skona Hem is decorated in earthy greens, with a chair next to the bed. Imagine waking up in the morning and sitting by the bed with a book before you go to make breakfast.

A yellow chaise in the corner is bright and energizing - a good spot for writing letters, doing a crossword puzzle, or just staring out the window. Image via FLOR.

A low bench with some floor cushions can fit at the foot of the bed or underneath a window, making it a compact and versatile meditation spot. Image via Romo.

For tips on how to create a meditation area in your bedroom, see this article from WikiHow.

Top image via Palace Papers.

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