Bedroom Peeks: Lynnea's Bedroom-in-a-Closet

Bedroom Peeks: Lynnea's Bedroom-in-a-Closet

Feb 13, 2007

Welcome to Lynnea, who emailed us from Seattle. Lynnea's closet is a bit like the wardrobe in Narnia: a whole world opens up just past this rack of clothes.

She explains: "I live in a 400 square ft. studio near downtown in Seattle. I really wanted a one bedroom, but rent was too high. I made my 6 X 7 walk in closet my bedroom-- but it's the only closet I have!" [more pictures after the jump]

"Cozy. I don't have room to fit a dresser even a night stand takes up too much space. I opted for a shelf near my bed and simple black and white decor."

Yes, cozy. Thanks Lynnea!
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