Bedroom Source List: Metal Beds for Under $1000

Metal — the biggest plus is that this classic material for beds that can play it both ways when it comes to style, traditional or contemporary, with ease. The other bonus: if you are looking to spend less that $1000, metal beds are a safe bet on being as or more sturdy than engineered wood and definitely long lasting. So, with those two pluses in mind, here is a source list of currently available metal beds in all sorts of styles, with most sizes coming in under the 1k mark:

Top row, left to right:

1. French Academie Iron Bed at Restoration Hardware for $595 - 975

2. Ellipse Metal Canopy Bed at West Elm for $499 - 679 (currently on sale for $424-679)

3. Parsons Bed at Room & Board for $799 - 999

4. Architecture Bed at Room & Board for $799 - 999

5. Alpine Gunmetal Bed at CB2 for $599 - 699

Bottom row, left to right:

6. Mackintosh Bed at Room & Board for $699 - 999

7. Herringbone Bed at West Elm for $399 - 699

8. Tango Danby Bed at Ethan Allen for $469 - 659

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