Bedroom Storage Idea: Crate DIY's

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Inspired by our survey in which clothing control came out on top in terms of challeges to a neat and tidy bedroom we went looking for low cost storage ideas.

Janelle at Tchotchke Attack posted two great "alternate use" ideas for old wooden crates.

This "shelving unit" made from crates would provide tons of room for shoes, folded clothing, hats and (the other hot topic of the week) bags.

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We really like how the small, basic, very utilitarian-looking wheels somehow transform this crate into a so much more of a "design-y" object. We would never just sit a crate on our floor as a magazine holder, but somehow with the wheels, it starts to work.

The photos are originally from a site called Bailey's by Mail, which, from a quick look, seems to be full of great photographs like these too.

Any other diy storage ideas out there? Let us know in the comments or email us the photos....

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