Bedroom with Marimekko Fabric Canopy

There are so many reasons to love this little bedroom. Let's just start with that Marimekko bed canopy...

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Kaivo pattern by Marimekko

Using Marimekko's 1964 Kaivo pattern, a few yards of fabric draped from the ceiling creates a simple, bold, and easy-to-make bed canopy. Instantly, an entire space is defined.

The second reason for loving this bedroom is its compact size: It's only about as wide and long as the bed itself. Those glass-paned french doors centered at the foot of the bed do a lot to open up the little space but even without them we're loving the intimate scale of this compact and cozy bedroom. Gives hope to those of us with 8-foot-and-narrower bedrooms of our own.

Via: Always Mod. Image: Simon Upton / Domino

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