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I've recently begun having to take supplements (I'll take the fun out of poking through my medicine cabinet by telling you now: iron, Vitamin D, B-12, & Biotin), and as much as I care about my health, there's no way I'm going to open four bottles every morning. This is ridiculous, but I am ridiculous. I remedied the situation by creating a cute bedside Vitamin Command Center that's been serving me well...

My little vial holds almost three weeks' worth of supplements (I put three of each pill in at a time so they're well distributed), and I take them first thing in the morning with water from my bedside glass. The sad thing is, if the vial is empty, I simply don't take them. Perhaps the lack of iron leaves me too weak to open all those bottles, or perhaps I'm just lazy, but it's true. Luckily, I love my little glass vial — one birthday, my friend gave me a set of these filled with fascinating salts & peppers — so I'm always excited to refill it. This system is also perfect for traveling — just grab-n-go, and stay nutrient-rich no matter what questionable travel food you find yourself surrounded by.

Note: perhaps I should mention that I live in a child-free home, so there's no danger in having pills around in non-childproof containers. Any cute/safe ideas for people with kids?

Creative and Cute Ways To Store and Organize Vitamins?

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