BedUP by Décadrages

BedUP by Décadrages

Jun 6, 2008

"They sky is falling!... oh, no, it's just the bed..." We've mentioned "murphy beds" before, but here's something different... How about a bed that comes from the ceiling?...

Check out Unplggd's take here.

"Designed by the studio of invention Décadrages and marketed under the brand name BedUP, the bed that falls from the ceiling is an innovation that will save 4 m² in your apartment, and for someone who lives in a small space .. 4 m² of space is pure gold. By day, the bed is stored on the ceiling, the under-surface becomes ceiling with the possibility of integrating lighting. At night, the bed can come down in the manner of an elevator and stops at the height previously requested, thus avoiding moving furniture that would have been placed underneath it. Now besides being functional, this bed has a clean design that is discreet and elegant."

We think the concept is very interesting, and it could obviously be a great space saver. We're just a little unsure about whether we'd actually want our bed hanging over our heads. Regardless, it looks like these beds are only sold in France. What do you think of this concept?

Check out more info here. (via Curbly, via Freshhome.)

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