Before & After: The Difference A Half Wall Makes

Before & After: The Difference A Half Wall Makes

Allison Verdoorn
Aug 26, 2011

I know, I know, they did more than just knock out a half wall, but I would argue that it was the half wall removal that really made the difference in this kitchen. If they had done nothing else, the half wall removal would have transformed this kitchen completely. Find out more after the jump.

This is a great kitchen renovation on a budget any way you slice it. The surfaces that were replaced were high impact and the surfaces that stayed were easily refinished.

But it's the ability to connect the kitchen to the rest of the house that makes an enormous impact. The kitchen seems more spacious, lighter and more functional by only removing a half of a wall.

A more open, high impact space by only taking out half of a non-load bearing wall. You can do this too.

Check out the entire makeover at freckles chick.

(Images: Freckles Chick)

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