Before & After: A Basic Space Becomes A Cool Teenage Boy Bedroom

Before & After: A Basic Space Becomes A Cool Teenage Boy Bedroom

Sarah Rae Smith
Jan 25, 2012

What happens when you take over your sister's bedroom? You scramble to rid the space of everything pink and girly. Even after a great deal of elbow grease had already gone into this space to rid it of girl cooties, Max's room still needed a little punch of hip and cool to better represent the grownup teenager he's become. Want to see what it looks like now?

We checked in with the latest happenings of a very busy family over at 71 Toes where Shawni has been busy, along with the help of her children, transforming the bedroom of her oldest (and only) son. Max swims in a sea of ladies at his house as he plays brother to four sisters and recently he took over one of their bedrooms.

They painted, built furniture, added simple decor and the end result was a space that feels fresh, clean and manageable. Even though it might not be identifiable as a teen bedroom without 1,000 posters all over the space, we think it's great that kids are starting to have a sense of home decor and design and don't always go for grungy.
This space is perfect for now and later when Max leaves home will be the guest room for the family.

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(Images: 71 Toes)

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