Before & After: A Family Eat-In Kitchen

We all know kitchens aren't just for cooking, they are often the heart of a home where friends join you for a cuppa, children do homework and play and families spend quality time together. Rachel shares this transformation of her family's kitchen into a warm, happy spot: This is a kitchen we designed with the kiddos in mind. We wanted a way to fit a bunch of little bodies and a way to engage their minds while they are eating.

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I was thrilled when my hubby discovered some old church pews that we cut up and created a wrap around bench - we have enough space to fit a half-dozen little bodies! Over the table we created a wall mural of the world, to help remind the kids that there is so much more out there, waiting for us to learn about and explore.

Looks great, thanks Rachel! Wondering how to make a wall mural like this? Head over to Quirky Momma for the low-down and photos.

The Family Kitchen Booth

(Images: Quirky Momma)

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