Before & After: A Furry Transformation

Nesting Place

chairbeforefur.jpg Although I'll paint just about anything, I'm not an upholstery expert. That said, this might be a project I could tackle. Armed with a glue gun, this chair, tattered and torn has received a lush new overcoat — well fur coat anyway.

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We checked in over at Nesting Place where the sad chair above has been transformed. Along with the help of a hot glue gun, this typical garage sale/thrift store/estate sale chair has been covered with a thick layer of fur making it lush and rich.

It's a fun twist on upholstery and makes the idea of making something that usually has to be so exact, a little more hands on and forgiving. Make sure to check out the full tutorial and see how easily you could accomplish this in your own home over at Nesting Place.

Image: Nesting Place

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