Before & After: A Heavenly Henredon

Before & After: A Heavenly Henredon

Jennifer Hunter
Oct 28, 2013
(Image credit: Leslie Howard)

Leslie loves all things 1960's so when she saw this 1965 Henredon sofa at a thrift store, she had to have it.

(Image credit: Leslie Howard)

From Leslie:

I could not find an affordable icy blue velvet to redo the sofa in (fabric was discolored with age and faded in spots), but I did find this amazing black swirly velvet-like fabric that gives it so much interest. And such comfort! My upholsterer did a perfect job, reusing all of the original padding because it was in amazingly good condition. I could not believe that I had a one-of-a-kind, well designed, fabulous sofa for the price of the bulky, modern sofa.

See more photos of the final product at City Girl Arts.

Thank you Leslie!

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