Before & After: A Kitchen Backsplash & Counter Upgrade

Reader Project

Thanks to Tanya for sending us her creative upcycled kitchen backsplash makeover!

We recently decided to renovate our kitchen. At the time we didn’t have much money so we wanted to make a few small changes that would make a huge difference. The previous owner of our house must have been color blind. There was this awful grey bathroom tile as the black plash, green laminate counter top, matte rust colour walls and blue light fixtures…
This small project only cost us about $200 to do. At the same time that we decided we had had enough with our kitchen, my father decided to renovate his basement. He had this absolutely awful artificial brick paneling from the 1970s. It was very retro, and coupled with the infamous brown shag carpet it was also very awful! For whatever reason my father asked me if we wanted the paneling, and for some strange reason I said yes! I had always wanted a brick black splash but it was just too far out of my price range. At this point, I didn’t think that anything could be worse than what we had.
We took apart the paneling brick by brick. We applied standard tile glue to the wall, put on the "brick" and then applied a colour grout to finish it off. When the grout was dry we softly wiped the brick tiles but we left quite a bit smeared on the brick to make it look more real and rustic. You can not even tell it's not real brick! It looks fabulous.

For the counter I wanted granite. Again, we are way too poor for granite. So I went to Canadian Tire (or any hardware store) and bought Stone Effects. You apply it directly to your existing counter top. We followed the steps and at the end we bought the countertop epoxy and what a finish! It looks a lot like granite and it was only $100 (including the epoxy). (Note: Beware, anyone who wants to try this, with all the steps and the drying time for each step it takes about a week to complete and it is VERY MESSY. However, it was pretty inexpensive and looks fantastic. I will be doing the same thing to our 2nd kitchen in the basement and the bathroom as well. It comes in all sorts of colors and it's fairly easy to do.)
Thanks, Tanya!