Before & After:
A Little Paint Makes a Big Difference

Color Therapy

Other people might have been turned off by this wallpaper, but I said keep it… or at least, keep it for now until future renovations. While much other work is going on in the rest of the house, this wallpaper can stay put for the nonce — look closer and it’s actually sweet and quaint, of an indeterminate “old” style. The one thing dragging it down was that odious pink paint on the millwork. Something had to be done. 

It took me three tries, but I think I finally got the right purple to get this powder room up on its feet. We didn’t want anything matchy matchy, and the hue isn’t actually pulled exactly from the pattern itself. Our inspiration was Farrow & Ball Pelt 254, bur they don’t make oil paint anymore, and I insisted on oil paint.

I started out with a ditty from Fine Paints of Europe, S-7020-R50B, which was garish in the extreme. My fault — bad match. Then I went to Benjamin Moore’s Black Raspberry 2072-20, but it still wasn’t right and too colorful.

And then finally I alighted upon Dark Basalt 2072-10. It has much less chroma then the other mixes, and almost reads as black lacquer, until you look closer and the color slowly reveals itself.

(Images: Mark Chamberlain)