Before & After: A Pretty (And Practical!) Laundry Room Upgrade

Vintage Revivals

The laundry room is a humble space, but it's also a hardworking one. And if you're going to spend time in there washing your clothes, shouldn't it be a place you enjoy? Mandi from Vintage Revivals recently shared the transformation of her laundry room, which went from a boring, standard-issue builder grade space with not much going for it to a very lovely (and very efficient) space where anyone would love to wash clothes.

Mandi made big changes in a small space with a few simple additions: new floor and wall tile, a wood surround that gives the washer and dryer a neat, uniform look and creates a countertop for folding, and cabinets above for storage. The floor tile is a simple matte black penny tile, with dark grout, and the wall tile is a subway tile that's ever so slightly elongated, which gives it a unique look.

Above, a cabinet with sliding doors allows for un pretty laundry room essentials to be hidden away out of sight. Mandi also added a hanging rod, an essential for any laundry area. Hers is made from leather and copper pipe - pretty and practical.

To see more of mandi's laundry room reveal, check out the original post on Vintage Revivals.

(Image credits: Vintage Revivals)