Before & After: A Slipcovered Sponge Chair

If you have a chair that looks like this in your home you'll want to see Suzanne's terrific transformation. If you don't, you might find yourself running to a thrift shop or keeping your eye on the curb come garbage day to get one. In Suzanne's words, "Goodbye Disney (no offense Tigger)! Hello non-eye sore!"

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We love it and, as you can see below, so does her son Callum. Suzanne says it took her about two hours and 1.5 yards of Ikea fabric. And since it's a slipcover, she can throw it in the washer for quick cleaning. We asked if she used a pattern or just winged it. Her reply:

I totally winged it! I basically just traced each side on a large piece of paper to make a "pattern" and then cut out the pieces. I then just pinned and sewed, pinned and sewed as I went along while I kept fitting it to make sure it was looking right. :) That's it!

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Thanks Suzanne!

(Images: Suzanne H.)

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