Before & After: A Terrific Faux Transom Transformation

Before & After: A Terrific Faux Transom Transformation

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 29, 2011

We've said time and time again that natural light and mirrors will make any space bigger. Usually we are referring to eye level solutions, however, this homeowner is thinking outside of the box and for a $10 improvement they just raised the roof — visually of course.

Heather over at Decor Hacks (which should be on your blog roll by now) introduced us to this wonderful project over at In My Own Style. For the cost of a floor mirror and a few pieces of scrap trim, Diane created a transom that gives not only height, but architectural style to an otherwise normal doorway.

Sure, it's not a real window — that would involve contractors and high expenses. But, it would be great in small spaces, especially tiny apartments, to give you the feel of having the most space possible. It's a fun project so make sure to check out more details on making one yourself over at In My Own Style.

Image: In My Own Style

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