Before & After: All White Kitchen Gets a Subtle Kick

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Kristi recently remodeled her kitchen and didn't give her toe kicks a second glance. Then she got a glimpse of Oh Joy's recently remodeled studio kitchen, and was inspired to try something new...

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Switching up the white to black is a subtle but significant change. Rather than painting the actual toe kicks again, Kristi came up with a temporary solution that lets her try out a color, and change it up again down the road. Renters, take note! From Kristi:

I think having the toe kick a contrasting color adds another layer to the kitchen design. And with a little paint, you can have that sucker updated in no time. So I decided to take the plunge ... well, almost. The great thing about this toe kick is it's VELCRO ... YEP VELCRO. I used velcro to put it on, so I can switch it out if I get sick of it. Maybe I'll switch out the hardware to leather pulls to tie the look together...
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Many thanks for sharing Kristi!

(Image credits: Kristi Murphy)