Before & After: An Old Door Becomes a Toddler Bed

Before & After: An Old Door Becomes a Toddler Bed

Carrie McBride
Jul 28, 2011

When you have the world's most generic (i.e. ugly) doors in your apartment like me, you can easily develop a fondness for old doors with a bit of character. And if I had one I would strongly consider doing what Gail did - make it into a toddler bed.

Even a quick perusal around Gail's blog My Repurposed Life lets you know that she is a pretty fearless DIY'er. She's also pretty determined evidenced by the number of coats of paint she needed to get to this beautiful glossy red. The bedrails she used for the sides were already in her stash and she cut them down so note that you could just as easily make a twin bed.

Find her post about the door-turned-bed here on My Repurposed life and even more details in this post.

(Image: My Repurosed Life. Via: Recyclart)

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