Before & After: Andi's Vintage Modern Kitchen

Best of 2013

At the end of the year, we're taking a look back at some of our favorite projects from Renovation Diary, where we shared with you the story of a real renovation, from start to finish (and all the bumps along the way). Today we're taking a look at Andi's kitchen, whose lovely features like peeling linoleum and falling-apart cabinets left more than a little to be desired.

In the post that introduced us to their kitchen, Andi shared that she and her boyfriend Dean loved their San Francisco apartment, but hated their kitchen. It was small and cramped, with appliances shoved into random corners (like the stove in the pantry), and everything was falling apart. (Check out this post for a diagram of the changes that were made to the kitchen's floor plan.)

Andi and Dean shared with us their inspiration for their finished kitchen (clean, classic), and their projected budget for the project. Then it was time to get to work. Click on the links to read more about each week's progress.

Week 1 meant the beginning of demolition, and a few interesting surprises.

On Week 2, the contractors came and moved plumbing and gas lines. Dean and Kevin developed a solution for the old chimney found in the wall.

Week 3: Andi shopped for vintage cabinets. They also re-framed the door to the laundry room, helping to rectify some issues with traffic flow in the kitchen.

Week 4: New drywall goes in. The plasterers come, and Andi and Dean make the (expensive) decision to have coves created on the new walls to match the old ones.

Week 5: Time to pick some colors - and then paint!

Week 6: Refinishing the floors... and getting started on cabinets.

Week 7: The end is in sight! Cabinets get finished, countertops get ordered, lights get installed.

Week 8: Countertops go in! The dog and the neighbors are less than excited about the construction noise.

Week 9: While waiting on the backsplash tile, a few finishing touches.

Week 10: Tile is installed, the range hood goes in, and it's a wrap.

Et voilà - the beautiful results of many, many hours of hard work. Check out this post to see many more photos of Andi and Dean's kitchen. You can also see a breakdown of their final budget, and their thoughts on what they learned during the renovation.

Congratulations, Andi and Dean!

(Image credits: Andi Forker; Lindsay Tella; Guest)