Before & After: Bachelor Pad Drab to Penthouse Fab

Before & After: Bachelor Pad Drab to Penthouse Fab

Chris Perez
Feb 6, 2012

Technology can inspire us in unexpected ways. Take for instance this living room makeover inspired by the new HDTV it was set to receive. Take a look at how IKEA Besta cabinets were used to change this place from drab to fab:

The slim and sleek panel-of-glass design of my new set deserved more than just to stand alone on the same old TV stand that had made itself at home for years. I considered wall mounting but it seemed that solution would require drilling big holes in the wall - to appropriately hide all the cabling. As often is the case in our household, IKEA had the answer. Their Besta cabinets had just the look I wanted in a wall panel system that would minimize the number of holes in our wall. From start to finish this project took a whopping three and a half weeks of hacking and improvising. The result however is something that really steps up the whole interior of our house.

Since we chose to mount and secure the whole shelving system to the wall, extra planning had to be undertaken. Placement of all the components and electronics of the system needed to be thought out while allowing room for future expansion of components.

A drill and a hole saw bit became good friends as we made new routes for cabling between cabinets and even through the metal wall panel frames. Patience and organization were key to getting everything to sit flush against our main wall.

Surround sound speakers were also mounted to the panels, with anchors to secure and hold each 10 lb dome. Measure twice (or three or four times), drill once.

Our 3 cabinet-wide configuration proved a bit too long for the IKEA Inreda LED lights to span across, so some splicing with standard electrical wire was also necessary.

These are just a few highlights of the many hacks we had to come up with to make this happen. More details on all this, plus how we turned a cabinet door into a drawer can be found on my personal home remodeling blog — House.0.

The site also has links to our IKEA shopping list for the project, as well as the Besta Configurator I made in Google Sketchup so you too can go from concept to reality. Hope you enjoy!

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(Images: Chris Perez)

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