Before & After: Brass to Bold Bar Cart

Erin found this 1960s era bar cart on Craigslist and had an inkling it could be restored not only to its former glory, but beyond! Simple, subtle yet charming, the shape of this car reminded Erin of her grandparents' house and all the cocktail parties they used to throw.

From Erin:

As most things go, this was a bigger project then originally anticipated as I had to sand and use a lot of steel wool to rid it of rust. I also caulked the edges of the shelves so there wouldn't be any gaps. After three coats of glossy black spray paint on the shelves and two coats of antique copper on the previously brass-plated features, it is good as new, if not better. We use this cart to serve beverages and hors d' oeuvres, corral presents for parties, and it can easily be moved around the house and outside for whatever our needs are.

Thank you Erin!

(Image credits: Erin Fremont )