Before & After: Bright Stenciled Dresser

Before & After: Bright Stenciled Dresser

Richard Popovic
Feb 2, 2012

I am fairly certain I have passed this dresser by at numerous thrift stores over the years. And I can almost swear I have passed by its ugly cousins as well. This transformation will certainly give me pause in the future.

Suzy from Saved by Suzy has a habit of breathing joyful new life into some pretty sad thrift store furniture. This $10 chest of drawers became a gem of a dresser with the addition of legs, a cool yellow paint job and the coup de grace, a bold stencil on the drawer fronts. The stencil is a pattern from Martha Stewart she purchased at Michael's. I appreciate the fact that she admits her first try at stenciling was a complete disaster--it makes me feel less alone in a blogosphere which sometimes feels like it is solely populated by highly skilled craftspeople.

See all of Suzy's furniture rehabs at Saved by Suzy.

(Images: Saved by Suzy. Via: Remodelaholic)

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