Before & After: Bri's Charcoal Living Room

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Robyn sent us an email pointing us in the direction of her friend Bri's new living room paint color. Talk about making a bold move that pays off, big time! Bri had always wanted charcoal gray walls and finally had a home where she had the freedom to paint. She went for it and as she says, "Everyone loves it. And rightly so. Because it’s awesome."

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Aside from giving this room a shot of real dramatic glamor, the dark hue is a perfect backdrop to the fantastic, color saturated oversized painting and is a great choice to bring out the inherent interest in the vintage architectural details of the room. It absolutely makes the most of the rounded coved ceilings and archways.

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Check out Bri's full post on the new color: The Craft Begins

Great job, Bri and thanks to Robyn for the tip!

Images: The Craft Begins

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