Before & After: Small Dated Bathroom Becomes DIY Delight

June's mom needed a bathroom makeover. As you can see, it was a little dated and — like most showers over time — needed refreshing. On a recent visit, June and her dad got to work and totally renovated the small bathroom over the course of a week. See what it looks like now....

June and her father did the work themselves, including tiling the walls and floors, for the 90 square foot space. They even built a custom tiled shower pan. The white subway tiles they chose are classic and ensure this bathroom will stay stylish for many years ahead.

Here's another angle of what the bathroom looked like before:

And now, here's the same shot, just after (but before the glass shower wall was installed):

In the upcoming week, June is going to take you - step by step - through the process of tiling the bath in a series of tutorials. Check back daily to see her work progress.

Excellent job June! You win the daughter award, for sure....

(Image credits: June Bhongjan)