Before & After: DIY Sofa Upgrade On the Cheap

Before & After: DIY Sofa Upgrade On the Cheap

Cambria Bold
Feb 28, 2011

Re-Nest reader Abigail recently sent us her super thrifty sofa upgrade: A hand-me-down from her parents, she's been living with the sofa for 3 years trying to disguise it with a floral slipcover and lots of pillows. After a not-so-great experience with brown fabric paint (the photo you see above), she decided to try her hand at recovering with some leftover linen fabric:

She writes about the process on her blog:

My number one tool was a curved sewing needle, an essential tool for any difficult sewing project such as this one. NOTE: I sewed behind the piping not over top. I did this on the two piping sections along the back to make it flush and for better durability. I attached the bottom striped fabric by hand sewing along the piping as well. (There was a lot of sewing by hand!) I then sewed the side pieces to the couch and to neighboring striped fabric. Once complete I removed the original staples. In the long run it would have been faster to make a slip cover, but I did not have enough fabric to make a proper one- so this method fit my need!
Now for the arms of the couch. First I took the extra striped fabric and cut a long piece for the facing of the arm. Then I folded the edges under and pinned it to the arm and using the same curved needle- sewed the fabric- attaching it to the original plaid couch fabric and to the striped fabric around it.

See more photos and read more about the project at TipToeThrough.

Thanks, Abigail!

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