Before & After: Erika's Kitchen Pantry

When AT reader Erika moved into her new apartment along with two other roommates; the three of them weren't sure how long they'd stay. But after deciding to sign on for another two years, they decided to do a few upgrades around the apartment, getting rid of quick fix-its in favor of more efficient, long-term solutions. The first order of business? Revamping the kitchen pantry.

In the little nook off the kitchen, Erika had put a cheap cabinet from Kmart as a place to store communal snacks. Inside the nook were grooves for shelves, but no actual shelves. So, Erika and her roommates went to work creating a more efficient solution to maximize their kitchen storage space. Out with the cabinet:

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After assessing the condition of the back wall, they decided to get wood cut from their local hardware store for shelves before sanding and painting the entire nook:

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Finally, she had some leftover paint from when they repainted the living room a warm grey color. The darker grey tone gives the whole kitchen a bit more dimension, especially given how white the cabinets and appliances are. An added bonus: Erika picked up the Ikea sideboard in great condition in the hallway of her old apartment building with a TAKE ME sign. Now, it's pulling double duty as an island and a place to store extra dishes.

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Thanks for sharing, Erika!