Before & After: From Basic Benno To Mod McCobb

IKEA Hackers

092111-bench1.jpg There are 1,000 different ways to hack furniture from IKEA — although this transformation is so extreme you won't even recognize it. This ho-hum piece has gone Mid-Century!

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Inspired by Mid-Century pieces from Paul McCobb, this basic IKEA entertainment stand was given a makeover.

With the addition of sliding front panels and retro-style feet stained to match, this piece is anything but basic anymore. It's a great example of using inexpensive materials when you can't find the exact piece you want, in order to make something that fits the bill. The only thing this look needs now is inlaid finger pulls to finish it off!

MORE INFO: Benno TV Bench Gets New Life as Paul McCobb Inspired Cabinet at IKEA Hackers

Images: IKEA Hackers

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