Before & After: From Big, Brown Box to Pretty & Posh

Before & After: From Big, Brown Box to Pretty & Posh

Jennifer Hunter
Nov 4, 2013
(Image credit: Laurel Duvall )

Laurel originally purchased this tall IKEA cabinet as a storage solution to be tucked away out of sight; but after a move, she needed it out in the open. So she endeavored to make this big brown box into something that she'd want to look at!

(Image credit: Laurel Duvall )

From Laurel:

I had discovered a seller on eBay, Victoria_larsen_stencils, that sold stencils designed not to be used with paint, but with joint compound. The result was a raised "plaster" design that became the central point of interest on the cabinet.

So, I found the right paint shades and painted the cabinet pink and white. I tracked down some specialty moldings and added them to the upper and lower rims of the cabinet. Queen Anne legs were the final touch. Now it's a lovely part of my girly bedroom!

Thank you Laurel!

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