Before & After: From Cement Patch to Pots

Before & After: From Cement Patch to Pots

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 5, 2011

Although it might seem like gardening season is almost over, that doesn't mean there isn't time left to do a little planting. Here's a great diy that's totally doable, even if you don't have a crafty bone in your body, or a green thumb!

This tutorial makes things simple and starts with cement patch and a little water. With the help of a few small containers, succulent planters were born.

It's a fun way to personalize your space with something you made and, as a bonus, brings something alive into your home. Even if you can't keep a fern alive, succulents only require a tablespoon of water every few weeks. How simple is that? Make sure you check out The Self Life to see the full tutorial and all the different shapes that were made.

Image: The Self Life

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