Before & After: From Cluttered Closet to Compact Art Studio


The new(ish) year has me wanting to move the furniture around in my home, creating new quiet places to read and new vantage points from which to enjoy the view outside the window. Rachelle was tired of her cluttered and overstuffed coat closet so she revamped it.

What was once a closet is now a compact art studio for her girls. With a good purging and some serious organizing, there is enough room for a small table and two chairs. It's definitely a cozy space but it probably also feels special and new. And, of course, if as times goes on Rachelle wants to change things, the art studio can easily transform back into a coat closet (or something else). For tips on how to make a similar transformation, check out Rachelle over at TinkerLab.

(Image: Rachelle Doorley)