Before & After: Wall Color Makeover from Old Fashioned to Fresh

When we first moved into our old, Southern, cottage style house, it became quite apparent that it might well have been originally designed for Thomas Jefferson himself. The dining room was even painted Monticello yellow, complete with a shell alcove painted a bright coral color. It was all a little much...

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After realizing we never actually used the room for dining, we decided to change it to the family room. And to make it a family room that was actually livable, we had to repaint it a more relaxing color. We chose these Duron colors:
• 5751W Desert Beige (Above and below chair rail)
• 5550W Falling Star (Ceiling)

The cool blue on the ceiling paired with the cream colored walls instantly freshened up the space. The corner of the room where the shell alcove is located became a focal point. Before, the coral and yellow combo made it quite an eye sore:

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Once we painted the walls and covered the coral color in the shell alcove (which took several coats of paint), we decided to put a skirted table in the corner to add weight. We flanked the table with lightly slip-covered upholstery in neutral shades, adding pops of color through accent pillows.

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• Skirted table is from Ballard Design in burlap.
• The lamp is from the Kellogg Collection.
• The acrylic frames with nude drawings are from Crate and Barrel.
• A collection of cream-ware items were mostly purchased on Ebay.
• Upholstered sofa and club-chair are from Lee Industries.

(Images: Cate West Zahl)