This is the tiny guest room at the end of the hallway in my house. It started off as an ugly room with paneling and a paint job that was old and worn. It sorely needed a new coat of paint, and since I didn't love the room to begin with, I felt brave enough to do something bold:

The room is seriously small - it really only fits a full size bed. Remembering that small rooms really can go dark, I took the plunge. And being that this is a guest room, I figured that it would only be occupied at night by occasional guests. It seemed a perfect opportunity to experiment with dark paint (I'm normally a strictly white paint girl).

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
The walls were painted in Iron Mountain from Benjamin Moore. The dark gray color made the paneling feel more solid. A four-post bed found at an antique shop was picked up for only $10. It had an ugly faux wood finish, which I covered with a black enamel that - much like the paneling - gave the bed more heft. To keep the rest of the small room from becoming too dark, I stuck with white bedding and a colorful quilt.

Window treatments are still coming - any suggestions?

Images: Regina Yunghans