Before & After: Newly Painted Hallway is a Stroke of Genius

Shauna loves to experiment with bold choices on walls, and she got permission from her landlord to paint. Rather than choosing a safe neutral, she went with.....well, you need to see for yourself!

It took Shauna about three or four hours to paint (by freehand!) the length of her hallway. After testing a few different designs out on large sheets of paper, she chose this super graphic black and white pattern. Sure it's a rental, and they'll have to paint over it when they move, but — to Shauna — it is totally worth the work. She's especially happy with the "imperfect" quality and the boldness of the brush strokes.

Take a look at the rest of the hallway shots over at Beautiful Matters.

Thanks Shauna— The hallway looks great and we can't wait to see it with the rug you choose!

(Image credits: Beautiful Matters)