Before & After: Handsome Navy Nightstands

Before & After: Handsome Navy Nightstands

Jessica Tata
Mar 14, 2012

Jonathan Lo, who is no stranger to DIY, interior design, and making things beautiful, is at it again with these painted nightstands. As an addition to his handmade (of course) headboard, he wanted a sleek pair of end tables to contrast the weathered look of the bed. I think he achieved his goal…

This crisp and classic navy blue adds such a handsome appeal to these nightstands. Often folks will cringe at the thought of painting any wood, whatsoever. In this case, when you seen that Jonathan has paired the tables with a beautiful rustic wood headboard that he made, it becomes clear that adding a touch of sleek navy added so much to the overall look of his bedroom vignette.

Jonathan strikes a very mature balance of refined and weathered with this look. It's not surprising, though, when you spend some time on his blog, Happy Mundane, and take in all of his do-it-yourself achievements. It's at once humbling and inspiring and reminds me that I've got a lot of projects to do...

(Images: Jonathan Lo via Happy Mundane)

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