Before & After: IKEA Micke Desk Gets a New Luxe Look

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IKEA's basic black and white MICKE is a great desk, if a little uninspired. Well, it inspired at least one DIY'er. Marci from Timber and Lace took her MICKE desk and covered its every surface to create a piece of finished workspace furniture with a mix of textures and a super luxe look.

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A cheap ($79), boring big-box desk becomes unique, glamorous and moody with just a few hardware-store materials and a little bit of elbow grease.

So how did Marci, who blogged about her desk makeover at her blog Timber and Lace, do it?

After scoring a bunch of beautiful walnut off-cuts from her dad's woodworking (it pays to have friends and family in the right places), Marci got to work laying them out onto a piece of MDF cut to the size of her desk top. It was sanded, covered with oils, urethane and varnish, then glued on to the desk.

For a truly finished look, she painted the exposed parts of the desk white, coated the matte metal leg with a shiny metallic spray paint, and added gothic-style hardware to each front drawer.

Check out her blog for more pictures and details of this project.

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(Images: Timber and Lace)

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