Before & After: Kids' Artwork Display Wall

Heidi is a hoarder. She doesn't have dusty stacks of newspapers lying around or dozens of cats, she hoards her son's artwork. And who can blame her! Determined to display his cute scribblings and paintings, she strung a small line of rope and hung his artwork with clothespins. Finding this inadequate, she took a tip from another blogger and went big. Really big. Find out what humble material has solved her problem:

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Yep, chicken wire! Ashley of Under the Sycamore covered a whole wall in her bedroom with it to make a display wall and Heidi applied this same technique to tame the artwork piling up - this time in the entryway. We love how versatile this is; you can hang things large or small and it can also be used for outgoing bills and letters, grocery coupons or whatever she wants handy by the door.

See more photos of Heidi's gallery wall and get tips on hanging chicken wire on Slightly Cosmopolitan.

(Images: Slightly Cosmopolitan)

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