For a few years now, my knitting stash and projects have lived in a heap in my bedroom. In addition to looking ridiculous, it makes it hard to find the things I need. This weekend on a trip to Target, I found a quick solution.

It's just a little closet organizer with a cardboard back — definitely not a unique thrift store find, but better than my current system. After my Target run, I headed across the street to Jo-Ann Fabrics, bought some upholstery fabric for $10, and stapled it to the back for added color. I used old vases to stash embroidery floss and crochet hooks, organized my yarn by color, stuck a few projects on the bottom shelf, and had a great solution in one afternoon. Bigger projects, like blankets, will still have to live in baskets while I work on them, but everything else is prettier to look at and a cinch to find.

(Images: Kathleen Luttschyn)