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Last month, Melissa asked the Apartment Therapy readers to weigh in on whether she should paint her kitchen cabinets. She got 80 comments to consider and went ahead with a full on makeover. We were thrilled that she sent us fantastic "after" photos to enjoy. Jump below for the full gallery and all the details …

Here is Melissa's post-project, wrap up:

A couple of weeks ago you graciously posted a Good Question about my budget kitchen makeover, and here are the results! I got lots (and lots and lots!) of input from AT readers and I'm so thankful. The whole thing cost around $450 and took just a few messy, chaotic weeks. I have two young kids, so I just had to fit in a half hour here, an hour there, hoping that no one would smudge the paint, and eventually it got done.

My kitchen is so much brighter now even though I did nothing to the lighting (I'll deal with that after the holidays). I simply painted everything (including the wood-trimmed countertop edging), replaced all the nasty hinges and knobs with shiny new hardware, used a little fabric here and there, made a rug from FLOR carpet tiles, and framed some illustrations from my Charley Harper calendar. My table and chairs no longer fit in very well, but I think a couple coats of paint and another well-placed FLOR rug will fix that. :)

Again, thanks for all the advice! Especially to the commenters who suggested that I go dark on the lower cabinets - they were dead right!

Thanks, Melissa!

Should I Paint My Dark Kitchen Cabinets?