Before & After: Melinda Ann's Dressed Up Office Chair

Before & After: Melinda Ann's Dressed Up Office Chair

Jason Loper
Sep 16, 2011

We're all very familiar with these little black office chairs. They're super convenient for a home office but they're certainly lacking in the style department. Take a cue from Mindy and dress up an office chair with just a little fabric and a staple gun…

Melinda Ann had actually relegated this chair to the donation pile, where it was destined for a one-way trip to Goodwill. And then, at the last minute, inspiration struck. The chair could be salvaged if only it wasn't so blah. So after popping the cushions off the seat and back of the chair, Melinda Ann re-covered them with a fun, modern patterned fabric. All it took was a screw driver to remove the cushions and a staple gun.

The pattern — with its grays and blacks and pops of yellows — is a perfect choice to pair with the black legs and other details of the chair!

Check out the full post on this makeover on Melinda Ann's blog — Mindy: The Chair We Almost Put Up for Adoption.

Images: Melinda Ann

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