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The challenge (and fun!) of small space living is finding the best use for every inch. Even though tiny apartments are usually short on closet space, a place to stash your suitcases is less useful if what you really need is an office. Melissa put her closet to work for her — for only $130!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Melissa Massello is the Stealfinder in Chief of Shoestring Magazine, and with a title like that, you know she's looking to save a buck. Working from home started to take over the kitchen table, leaving little space for her and her husband in their 450 square foot North End rental. With the help of a professional organizer, the "cloffice" was born!

We love a good closet office at Apartment Therapy, and this one has some elements we adore. The storage ottoman-turned-file cabinet is clever, doubles as seating, and means you don't have to stare at your expense reports every day. A slim desk/sofa table is easily movable when the lease is up. Chalkboard paint covers magnetic primer, offering multiple ways to leave notes for yourself. And all for under $130!

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