(Image credit: Meredith Weis)

Meredith was looking to spice up the boring blinds in her daughter's room. She wanted to add a pop of color without breaking the bank, so she got really crafty with something that's probably hanging around your junk drawer right now.

(Image credit: Meredith Weis)

Duct tape to the rescue! What a clever and thrifty idea. Bravo.

From Meredith:

I started to look into painting the blinds but found that incredibly cumbersome and messy. I decided I could be a lot more in control if I used duct tape. I looked at many images online and found a pixelated tree that I loved. After printing out the tree, it was a bit like a puzzle, wrapping the tape over itself along each row in the blinds to match the image. The tree can actually be seen from the street and thus helps friends to identify our house in the neighborhood.

Thank you Meredith!