Before & After: Old Audio Speakers Transformed Into Bookshelf System


From what I've seen at garage and yard sales, bookshelf speakers are amongst the most common audio gear components readily available for DIY projects on the cheap. And how many of us have old audio speakers gathering dust in a closet or in the garage? Perhaps it's time to give them a dusting off and reconsideration inspired by this simple upgrade project...

Ham_Damnit explains how he took some mismatched components and turned them into an updated bookshelf system which now proudly sits on his media bookshelf, connected o his television and also upgraded to dock his iPhone:

We haven't had the stereo they attached to in years. Covers taken off and hooked up to a LP-2020A+ Lepai amp (about $28 on Amazon). I had hooked this amp up to some higher end shelf speakers and it wasn't enough to power them correctly. For whatever reason, I tried it with these speakers, and it sounded great!

A few more photos of the DIY stereo project here.

(Images: Ham_Damnit/seederdesign)