Record Player Turned Play Bakery

Record Player Turned Play Bakery

Carrie McBride
Feb 27, 2012

Record player cabinets have become relics of the past and can be picked up cheaply at thrift shops. In Amy's case, for just $10. She did, however, drive by it many times in doubt before taking the DIY plunge.

As you can see, she transformed it into something completely new - a Sweet Shop bakery for her 3-year-old daughter. Amy describes the process:

A lot of gutting, sanding, and a few coats of paint later it really took on great potential. My husband even made an oven in the back complete with a red lightbulb for baking! The shelved were made from pieces of an old IKEA nightstand and plexiglass complete the windows. I spray painted the tea stand and included baking pans from the Dollar Store. Most of the play food my daughter already owned, and the rest was given as a Christmas present. I also bought a chef hat and apron at Hobby Lobby to complete the ensemble.

The total cost = $10 for record player + $20 for materials (wires, plexiglass, spraypaint, red lightbulb, apron/hat) + $10 for adorable vintage fisher price cupcakes off eBay that I just had to have so I could re-live my childhood...all other items were given to her for her birthday or from her play kitchen. All paint and scrap wood were leftovers which brings the grand total to $40!!

My daughter loves it! She plays with it more than her play kitchen. The red light bulb oven was a huge hit! It was a really fun project to make for her!

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Thanks Amy - great job!

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