Before & After: Pie Window to Doorway, Part 2


You all remember where we left off with our pie-window adventure? The above photo shows the old doorway on the left (with the green bathroom visible) and the ex-pie window/new doorway on the right (kitchen visible with paneling pre-makeover). Now let's take a jump below and see what became of our labors...


Ta-da! No, nothing earth shattering but a much more pleasant and open living room.


We added some new framing to the old doorway and slapped up some sheetrock. After plastering and priming from the living room side, all that was needed was a good coat of paint. It also gave us a place for a bookcase, which was seriously lacking with the old layout.


On the other side of the wall, we gained a hallway. We drywalled over the wood paneling so that the filled in doorway would simply disappear (hint: old doorway is somewhere behind the picture).

new view from the kitchen

Still to come when our projects move back inside: finishing all of the corners and doorways with trim (yes, that brown line will go away!) and getting some art up on our walls.