Before & After: Pie Window to Doorway, Part 1

Before & After: Pie Window to Doorway, Part 1

Sep 23, 2008

pie window from living room, before

Before we moved in to our home, there were a few kinks we had to iron out. We generally loved the layout of our house, very open and simple. The one exception to this being the doorway from the living room in to the kitchen. From where we imagined the living room couch, the immediate view would be the bathroom. And where there should have been a door from living room to kitchen, there was a... pie window. A what?

pie window from kitchen, before

We're not quite sure what the original purpose was....but we dubbed it "the pie window". We went back and forth with what to do; find a cool old decorative window to install, quit our day jobs and perfect our pie dough, the list went on...but it was clear that something had to be done. It seemed to us that a doorway would fit much better there, but were we really ready to knock a hole in the wall? You betcha!

from the living room (mid floor-refinishing); left: old doorway, right: ex-pie window

from the kitchen; left: ex-pie window, right: old doorway

It made an immediate difference and we knew that we had made the right decision, but now we needed to figure out what to do with two doorways! Tomorrow: what became of the old doorway....

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