Before & After: Poured Concrete Countertops

Before & After: Poured Concrete Countertops

Jason Loper
Aug 23, 2011

When Cassie and her husband were redoing their kitchen, they were faced with these white tiled countertops. Rather than rip them out, the couple decided to cover them up … with concrete!

We're no strangers to concrete countertops around here but these are the first I've seen poured in place, right over the existing counter. Cassie and her husband simply built a frame around the existing countertops, sanded the tile so that the concrete would have something to grip, and then poured the concrete. Of course, that makes it sound a lot easier than I'm sure it was! But you can follow the entire process on Cassie's blog, Design Stocker.

The look is a refreshing change-up from the old dated tile countertops. And an affordable change, too.

Get all the details on this project on the couple's blog, Design Stocker, spread out over two posts:
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Images: Design Stocker

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