Before & After: Removing Water Rings on Furniture with an Iron

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We've had our coffee table for years, and it's acquired a decent number of dings and scratches. That said, when two water marks recently appeared, I panicked. My cousin recommended I try ironing them out — and to my amazement, they were gone in minutes.

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I was dubious about this tip, but figured I might as well try it, especially since I had an iron and shirt on hand. Here are the very simple steps:

  1. Set an iron to medium heat and turn off the steam.
  2. Cover the water mark with a white t-shirt or cotton dishcloth.
  3. Iron the t-shirt just above the mark, going over it until the mark disappears.

I found that ironing through one layer of t-shirt worked better than ironing through two layers. Not surprisingly, the larger mark took a few extra minutes, but it did vanish eventually. I also checked the wood frequently to make sure I wasn't damaging it. Now, on to fixing the scratches — maybe with a piece of walnut.

(Image credits: Kathleen Luttschyn)