Before & After: Revisited Old Tricycle

Before & After: Revisited Old Tricycle

Dabney Frake
May 6, 2013

Will ran across this 1960s Columbia Manufacturing, Inc. tricycle via Craigslist. (Don't all good stories start like that?) Looks like it was left out in the rain. For decades. Well, I bet you can't guess what this little bike becomes. 

Just kidding. It's still a tricycle. But look at that transformation! Where there was rust is now shiny new blue paint. Where there were tears and sorrow, there is now hours of riding fun.

This is what Will had to say about the project:

The personal drive to restore the tricycle stems from a general interest I have in refurbishing old, half rusted and seized treasures from the past. This is particularly true when it comes to bicycles (or here a tricycle). As it is, I'm looking at two half assembled bikes both wearing the Wilmas brand and almost ready for their maiden voyage. That is, if my dog Shep doesn't secretly dispose of them first when I'm not home, in an effort to gain back couch space. 
Well played, Will. Well played.

(Images: Will Burpit)

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